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Established in 1963, Gits pioneered the conve-nience packaged food segment in India. Since inception our quality policy, as set by the found-ers, is simple and valuable - "We will not sell what we don't relish ourselves."

We are not just the pioneers in introducing prepackaged foods but we are also amongst the first Food Product manufacturing companies in India to obtain ISO 9001 - 2008 (Quality Standard) ISO 22000 (Food safety).



I very recently used the ready meals, veg pulav, dal tadka, etc. Fantastic! Truly much better than the competition. May your company reach greater heights and success.

-Shashank A Maroo

Your ready meals are amazing! My market carries about 10 different kinds and every one of them are really good. Such a great compliment to any meal whenever you want a touch of rich flavour and spice! I highly recommend these to anyone looking for an extra side or to add variety to your dish! HUGE fan :) keep them coming!

-Guy Gauthier

I just love words...and i can't think of gulab jamun except gits........what a taste awesome...marvellous....mind blowing.....I LOVE ALL GITS fact my house here in Saudi Arabia is a mini GITS store.....:)

-Vaishali Joshi

I tried many "Ready to Eat" packets from various companies. All of them either make my stomach upset, or are not the right taste or too spicy. i am wondering how Gits can make such excellent "Ready to eat" products. I always have nightmare if Gits will stop or reduce the quality of "Ready to Eat" food products

-Manish Gupta

I have never bought packaged pre-made Palak Paneer, so i bought every brand at the store not knowing which one would be best. Well Gits won hands down. The Gits brand was absolutely delicious. The others were barely edible unfortunately.

-Jennifer Babcock

Although i do admit i was skeptical at the start, i have absolutely fallen in love with your food. Its reached a point where i need to control myself from eating ONLY GITS food.

-Aakarsh Ramchandani

I purchased a few Gits Ready-to-eat products yesterday. I never expect much from a pre-packaged meal but the food was delicious with proper levels of salt and seasonings that were well balanced. The vegetables and paneer were firm to the bite, with just as much texture as i would expect from a restaurant prepared dishes.

-Adam Phillip Churvis