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GITS was founded by two friends, HZ Gilani  and AK Tejani, with the objective to provide labour-free and time-saving mixes made from natural ingredients. They named the brand ‘Gits’, derived from ‘Gilani’ and ‘Tejani’, the founder’s last names.


The second generation helmed by  Mr. R.H Gilani   and  Mr. M.A Tejani, Gits expanded the product range and set up distribution pan-India. They were also able to start exports which eventually spread to reach over 40 countries.


Today, the third-generation of the family, spearheaded by Mr. Sahil Gilani, Ms. SamanaTejani and Ms. Aasiya Tejani is building on the success, by entering new categories.

Sahil Gilani

BBA – Northeastern University-Boston,USA (Dual major:Marketing & Entrepreneurship)

MBA – IE Business School-Madrid,Spain

After obtaining his MBA degree aborad, Mr. Sahil Gilani joined the business full time and took over the Sales and Marketing functions. Gits gained access in Modern Trade, hotels, restaurants and caterers (HoReCa), online businesses like Amazon. He was also the inspiration in developing theme advertising in all media.

Aasiya Tejani

Director: Finance

Bachelor of Business Economics with a minor in Philosophy

College of Wooster, Ohio, USA

Ms. Aasiya Tejani, graduated in Business Management from College of Wooster, USA and is in charge of finance and accounts function in the company.

Samana Tejani

Director: Production

Bachelor of Science in Food Science , Purdue University, Indiana, USA

Master of Business Administration , Purdue University, Indiana, USA

Ms. Samana Tejani knew from early on (when still in school) what she wanted to do – and that was build Gits! After graduation from Purdue University, USA she devoted her time to expanding, modernising and automating production activity in Pune plant. Simultaneously, she joined Purdue’s International MBA degree course and obtained her degree. Presently she is focused on setting up a new manufacturing facility adjoining the existing one to build capacity for manufacturing Ready-to-Eat foods for an American major.



Since inception, the quality policy, as set by the founders is simple & valuable: “We will not sell what we don’t relish ourselves”.

Over the years, Gits has developed a large number of products within its portfolio including Instant Mixes (Ready-to-Cook), Ready Meals (Ready-to-Eat), and Dairy products. Gits is widely distributed across India & exports to over 40 countries across the globe.

Preserving without Preservatives

Instant Mixes use natural ingredients such as rice, lentils, milk powder etc. For example, an Idli mix is manufactured using two primary ingredients – rice and dal. These products are taken in their natural form, ground to fine powder and mixed in appropriate proportion. There is nothing artificial added as rice and dal do not get spoiled in their natural dehydrated form. Further, the mix is packed in pouches with high barrier properties.

Ready Meals / RTE products are fully cooked and preserved by using Retort Technology – a process where the products are hot filled in laminated multi layered aluminium foil pouches, able to withstand thermal processing temperature in excess of 100 degree C at the specified pressure required for sterilization. The pouches are sealed so no new air enters the pouch, while sterilization ensures the air inside the pouch is free of bacteria that would spoil the food.



The Gits family does not take Corporate Social Responsibility just as a term. We work very hard and put endless efforts to make it a reality and extend our concern wherever needed

Our mission to become a model corporate citizen is being actively translated on the ground by initiatives especially established to implement programs in the field of education, healthcare, water, social welfare, infrastructure development and income generation.

At Gits our initiatives include partnering NGOs and Government departments to improve the quality and reach of our charitable activities. Our interventions have radically changed the way of life for thousands people and their families across India.

We have helped children in Jammu & Kashmir who were orphaned due to the on-going militancy by giving them care and education. Gits has contributed to a variety of special causes from time to time and our efforts to conserve the environment have been constant and honest.


Aged men and women now have quality healthcare facilities at their door-step. Clean, unclogged drains are making water logging a thing of the past. Cancer patients are benefiting from donation/charity drives and villagers are learning the value of good hygiene and sanitation.


We found that most of the earnings of our workers are spent on vegetables, lentils, oil, peanuts, sugar & jaggery. Gits therefore adopted innovative practices such as handling out lentils and vegetables.


We have tried to make a difference to as many lives as possible. Little children are discovering the joy of schooling. Teenagers are securing their future by enrolling into colleges.

Handling out books and stationery at the beginning of every school year and holding regular classes.

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